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"I am not a career politician or a partisan politics insider; I am an educator and community advocate that wants the best for the students."


As a student, teacher, and administrator in  HISD, I learned first hand the importance of education and how it can change the trajectory of a students’ life because education equals opportunity.  I am running for Houston ISD School Board of Trustee in District III because I believe that every student deserves an education full of opportunity regardless of their background. 

As a student in HISD, my parents felt that they had no choice but to send me outside of my community to receive a quality education.  My parents wanted a better future for me so that I would have a fighting chance at the American Dream. I was able to see first hand the differences in school resources and student expectations simply because of the location of the school. 


Years later as a teacher and administrator in HISD, I experienced many neighborhood schools still underperforming and providing vastly different opportunities for their students.  These schools are a reflection of HISD its current leadership

I am committed to having every HISD school succeed. Leadership must prioritize students first in order to address the challenges that face students  in the district. I want to know what’s working well and where you’re concerned. Together we can work towards a stronger HISD. On November 5th, I hope I can count on your support, your voice, and your vote. I am not a career politician or a partisan politics insider; I am an educator and community advocate that wants the best for the students.


Dani Hernandez



Daniela “Dani” Hernandez  is a proud native of Houston’s East End. She is a graduate of Houston ISD schools who is running for Houston ISD School Board Trustee in District III.


Dani  is a proud first-generation high school and college graduate, District III homeowner and community advocate. After attending HISD schools, Dani graduated from Boston University in 2011 and chose to move back home to Houston to become a bilingual teacher at the same elementary school she attended as a student. Dani believes all students need to be held to high expectations, so that they can be college and career ready and have an opportunity to succeed in life.


She earned a Masters in Education from the University of St. Thomas. After her transformational experience as a teacher and administrator in HISD, Dani became real estate agent with Keller Williams.  Dani enjoys biking, yoga, and spending lots of time with her niece and nephews. 


Dani’s background allows her to understand what many students in the East End experience and has motivated her to empower students who share the same socioeconomic background as she had growing up.